ANDROMEDA is a ticket system which facilitates and organizes IT management, centralizing the information in one place. The platform helps IT staff to understand the technological difficulties that users present, allowing a responsive, controlled and agile service, thus achieving a high level of guarantees in response times.

ANDROMEDA not only allows the user:

  • Select between incidents or requests, you have the option to create departments to organize the requirements
  • Inform, assign and plan actions on requests, which are also assigned one or more users with different roles, such as: applicants, observers, supervisors or technicians.
  • For requests or incidents, it allows to establish the state of urgency, impact, priority and category.
  • It has a module of recurring tickets, in it you can create automatic requests and with the ease of configuring tickets so that they are created by themselves with a flow dynamics depending on the need (daily, weekly or monthly).

ANDROMEDA, in addition to managing requirements in a very organized way, has a complete inventory module to organize and control: hardware, software, among others.

Manage large loads of information and from different departments; presents the information ordered and appropriate for the consumption of the end user, therefore ANDROMEDA has a fully customizable dashboard module to graphically analyze the main metrics of interest KPIs, as well as facilitates access to satisfaction surveys, average duration, average actual treatment, computer components, number of tickets assigned to each item, SLA behaviors, control and management of technical staff and many more.

In addition, it has a project module, a useful tool for creating projects, subprojects and project tasks, with monitoring facilities and reporting options, among which it stands out via email and different export formats. It integrates with numerous applications that can be managed by the system; at the same time integrate them with email alert systems, where they can be customized according to predefined actions.

ANDROMEDA … The perfect tool for business management in one place and can become unattended, customizable, secure, reliable and much more ….

ANDROMEDA Objectives:

  • Management of requests.
  • Incident Management.
  • Inventory management.
  • Automated issue control.
  • Analysis of data.
  • Handling custom workflows.
  • Business organization in the execution of projects.