The servers and equipment of our companies are the technological engine that drives our entire business, and it is vitally important to know the current and detailed status of each of its components to prevent unwanted failures. Many times systems give indications of failures and we ignore them or when we notice them it is too late. This is where the Nebula Monitoring System comes in, a system in charge of monitoring the resources of each server.

Monitoring our servers has a long list of advantages, but among which we can highlight as essential, they are detecting faults quickly and knowing clearly if our servers have the technical specifications to cover the requirements of the work assigned to them. For this and more, Nebula Monitoring System is the ideal option for your company.

Nebula MS is a server that receives detailed information about the agents installed on each machine. This agent is not invasive, it only emits information in real time to the main server with only a minimum consumption of server or computer resources, which makes it almost imperceptible.

The agent collects information from:

Processor: percentage of use.
RAM memory: amount of memory consumed or in use.
States of the hard drive (s): amount of available space.
Installed services: The servers have many services and it is important to be aware that these services are up.
Status of installed programs: additional programs can be monitored.
Custom alarms: create custom status alarms.
Reports via e-mail: customize the alerts so that they are received by e-mail.
Integration with Andromeda: Nebula is fully compatible and integrable with the helpdesk, a ticket system that would help you with the management of your employees’ requests, and much more.

It is a powerful tool that helps to keep your systems online and to know exactly what is the problem that may be directly affecting your system.

Nebula Monitoring System by BTG


• See in a single place the status of your machines and / or servers in real time.
• Create custom alerts to get the information directly to email.
• Know if a team should be repowered or replaced for the assigned task.
• Be aware of the services (programs) started.