is a ticket system which facilitates and organizes IT management, centralizing the information in one place. The platform helps IT staff to understand the technological difficulties that users present, allowing a responsive, controlled and agile service, thus achieving a high level of guarantees in response times.


The servers and equipment of our companies are the technological engine that drives our entire business, and it is vitally important to know the current and detailed status of each of its components to prevent unwanted failures. Many times systems give indications of failures and we ignore them or when we notice them it is too late. This is where the Nebula Monitoring System comes in, a system in charge of monitoring the resources of each server.


Virtual Security Operation Center: It is our Virtual security department, it includes monitoring and incident management in the areas of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure (Microsoft, Vmware, Veeam Backup). In our contract we cover the section of Patch Management (Intune, SCCM) for Servers and Workstation, Antivirus and analysis for prevention of attacks to the network and emails (Office 365 Admin / Security)

Cloud Services

Discover how you can save costs by migrating your systems to the cloud, including servers, applications and storage. Cloud databases, Hybrid cloud, Email Servers, Web pages hosting, File storage, Backup systems, Customized business solutions.

Cyber Security Solutions

Discover how you can save costs by migrating your systems to the cloud, including servers, applications and storage. Our mission is to reduce the chances of attack and ensure the integrity of the business operations. Cyber Strategy and Risk, Identity and Fraud, Endpoint Security, Network Security, Threat Detection and Response, External Pen Testing / Physical Pen Testing, Endpoint Detection and Response Solutions, Antivirus Solutions, Advance Threat Protection Solutions.

Infrastructure / Migrations

In an ever-changing technology environment, the IT infrastructure landscape across organizations is continuously evolving. To keep up with the market and retain their competitive edge, organizations are in the need of renovate legacy infrastructure to modernize enterprise functioning and ultimately improve profitability.

BTG portfolio include:

Windows Servers Upgrade

Active Directory upgrade / migration

Exchange Servers upgrade / migration

Microsoft 365 suite implementation

windows defender

Microsoft Advance Threat Protection